Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Fields

Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Fields

Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Field is a physics simulation tool
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Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Field is a physics simulation tool. It deals with electromagnetism and radio waves, and it illustrates these concepts by providing a simulation in which an antenna emits a wave and another antenna receives it at a distance.

The simulation shows a radio station on the left of the screen and another building with an antenna that receives the signal produced by the radio station. To create a signal, you have to move a blue dot inside the antenna of the radio station. This dot represents an electron. When you do that you are accelerating a charge, which through a few processes, results in an electromagnetic signal. The electron on the other antenna detects this wave and interprets it.

There are a few changes that you can make to the simulation to illustrate different concepts. First, you can manually move the electron or set it on an oscillating frequency. You can change both the amplitude and the frequency of the signal. You can also change the way the signal is shown on screen.

This simulation is made in Java, so most operating systems will be able to run it. There is a single study guide that you can download that explains in better detail the many processes and concepts that are contained in this simulation.

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